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Super Ninja Super Ninja

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

And also

I can't believe this flid has the tenacity to try shit like this.

And for all of you reviewers who said it 'got boring quick' was 'repetetive' 'only had three layouts' etc.:


Which explains why the word 'Beta' is seen on the front screen.

The version that Mr. Bellend here has stolen from my website is about a months worth of work behind the current version.

The list of things not implemented is longer than the list of stuff that is.


25+ level layouts
harder AI
about 20 different powerups
special levels
more main characters
better keyboard layout/configurable
a working intro
A means of dying
A means of completing the game

I can't understand how this fuckwit could have thought this was finished. But then 5 year olds don't generally grasp such things as reading too well.

Again, apologies to anyone who tried to complete it only to find that there is no 'end'.

But the positive reviews are nice, and I may even finish it one day.

If only there were a way to gouge someones eyes out over the internet...